Our Services


CNSCAN team can customize the pressure sensor according to the customer’s test plan. CNSCAN team has its own sensor customization factory, which can customize sensors efficiently, stably and with high performance. Make recommendations on sensor customization according to customer’s plan.


The CNSCAN team provides testing services for pressure distribution detection. Customers can provide test requirements and test items for experimental testing through the existing test conditions of the CNSCAN team. CNSCAN team can issue a test report to the customer based on the test results.


CNSCAN team can provide tooling fixtures according to customer test requirements. From design to machining a full range of services and customers.


CNSCAN team provides online download service for all product manuals and product manuals. As well as provide solution document download. All open, free for life. Hope to get more technical exchanges and resource sharing.


CNSCAN team will create some product related and application related video files. More intuitive to demonstrate and introduce products and applications to customers. Hope to get more customer recognition.


CNSCAN team will collect some frequently asked questions to provide answers to customers. If you do not find your relevant answers in these questions, you are welcome to contact us directly, whether online or offline CNSCAN team is very welcome and cherish communication with you.