Test Delegation—委托测试

简介 & 流程


  1. 客户和销售沟通,客户提出测试要求,销售评估可行性。
  2. 报价及签署先关合同技术协议。
  3. 客户提供测试样品及付测试服务费用。
  4. CNSCAN团队提供测试服务并出具报告。
  5. 邮寄回测试样品给客户。

Introduction & Process

The CNSCAN team provides pressure distribution testing services. By providing the samples to be tested and communicating with the sales staff about the specific content and requirements to be tested. After signing the relevant contracts and technical agreements. CNSCAN team through its own pressure testing machine and related test fixture testing equipment and other tools to help customers test, get data and analyze data. Deliver the final data to the customer. So as to charge some test service fees, and issue a test report.

  1. The customer and the salesperson communicate, the customer puts forward the test request, and the salesperson evaluates the feasibility.
  2. Offer and sign the technical agreement.
  3. Customer provides the test sample and pays the test service fee.
  4. CNSCAN team provides testing services and issues reports.
  5. Express the test sample back to the customer.

经验 & 设备(Experience & Equipment)


CNSCAN team has a wealth of pressure distribution test solutions, as well as a variety of test equipment. The pressure testing machine has 20T,10T,5T,2T and other different specifications of the equipment. We have entrusted testing services to many domestic testing institutions. In ergonomics, 3C digital, new energy, colleges and other fields to serve many enterprise customers. CNSCAN team can customize tooling, sensors, collectors, software algorithms and other capabilities for customers to complete testing services more quickly and accurately.