1. 初步沟通了解设计方案,以及了解客户需要的测试要求。
  2. 结构工程师设计工装结构图,得到具体加工图纸。
  3. 和客户具体确定工装参数,确认图纸。
  4. 确定加工工装材质,以及进行机械加工工装。
  5. 组装进行初步测试。
  6. 配合客户进行测试,交货。

In the scheme of testing surface pressure, it is often necessary to customize the tooling to achieve better test requirements. The need for structural engineers and automation engineers to collaboratively design the drawing, and then through the machining technology to produce the tooling. CNSCAN team has perfect design and production personnel and design and production ability. Can better cooperate with the sales plan, to meet the customer test of the surface pressure distribution.

  1. Preliminary communication to understand the design plan, and understand the test requirements required by the customer.
  2. The structural engineer designs the tooling structure drawing and obtains the specific processing drawing.
  3. Confirm tooling parameters and drawings with customer.
  4. Determine the material of machining tooling and carry out machining tooling.
  5. Assembly for preliminary testing.
  6. Cooperate with customers for testing and delivery.